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2019.11.2 - 2019.12.8

Anime Studio Meeting Vol. 2

The Anime Studio Meeting, or Anista, is an anime fan appreciation and recruiting event that connects studios, fans, and future creators and was held in January and February of 2019.
This second event will be the very first exhibition for Anista and will be an exhibition that features original drawings and setting materials from masterpieces of each studio, including new, unreleased works. Visitors will be able to feel what the production scene is actually like. Furthermore, a talk event will be held on Dec. 7th and 8th, the last two days of the exhibition, which will feature the production staff and creators!

PSYCHO-PASS Exhibition 2112→2117 / 2120

2019.06.14 - 2019.07.07

PSYCHO-PASS, an incredibly popular anime that started in 2012 and will air its third season starting this October, will have an exhibition! The exhibition, called the PSYCHO-PASS Exhibition 2112→2117 / 2120, will feature various materials, original art, and illustrations that unveil details about the first season up to the newest addition, as well as original merchandise for sale. This is an exhibition where you can experience the history of the PSYCHO-PASS series!

Exhibition Details

  • Duration Period Nov. 2, 2019 (Sat.) - Dec. 8, 2019 (Sun.)
    ※Closed on Tuesdays
  • Duration Time 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Last admission: 7:30 PM)
  • Admission Fees General: 1,000 yen
    Students: 800 yen
    Elementary school students and younger:
    500 yen
    Preschoolers: free
    ※Tax included
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  • Event details are subject to change without notice.

    【Exhibition Precautions】

    ※Outside of a certain few, you may not touch the exhibits.
    ※Except in certain areas, taking photographs is prohibited.
    ※Audio recording, video recording, and the use of monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are prohibited in all areas.
    ※If you are found recording audio or video, we will ask you to delete the recordings and leave the venue.
    Recording any audio or videos in the venue will be penalized by copyright law even if it is for private use.
    ※If the exhibit becomes crowded, we may place entrance restrictions/prohibit going backward in the route due to safety reasons.
    ※Please note that re-entries are prohibited.
    ※All children elementary-school-aged and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
    ※Please do not wait all night or gather in large groups before your designated admission time. Doing so may cause trouble for the venue and disturb the neighbors.
    ※It is prohibited to sit or place your baggage to stake a place in line on your admission date or the days before.
    We will immediately remove all objects that are found. The organizers of the event and the venues will not take any responsibilities for objects that are removed or left over.
    ※Meeting up to cut in line is prohibited.
    ※Please come to the entrance at least 15 minutes before the admission time indicated on your advance ticket.
    ※Please enter within 1 hour of the admission time indicated on the admission ticket.
    (Example: If your admission time is 11:00 AM, please enter the exhibit before noon.)
    ※Please let the staff know if you will be visiting the exhibition in a wheelchair.
    ※Please note that there is no space at the facility to store baby strollers or other luggage.